Furniture Care Guide

Cleaning & Maintenance

Looking After Your Furniture:

Top Tips:

  • Avoid placing furniture close to a radiator or other heat source. Remember that constant or intermittent central heating can cause wood to shrink or swell resulting in cracking or distortions. Generally avoid changes in humidity and especially steam.
  • Never place hot cups or dishes directly on any furniture surfaces and take care not to drag crockery across wood surfaces. Use insulated table mats wherever possible.
  • Never write with ball point pens onto paper placed directly onto a wood surface. Always ensure there is plenty of padding between the paper and the wooden surface.
  • Protect furniture from strong or prolonged sunlight as wood surfaces can fade in the same way as fabrics
  • Carefully lift your furniture, never drag or push it.
  • Always carefully follow instructions of fitting/assembling furniture.
  • Do not over strain glass shelves with heavy objects


Wood is a naturally occurring product: part of its beauty is that no two pieces can be the same. The depth, shade of colours and grain pattern vary from item to item. It is important to realise that particularly light woods such as Oak & Ash will mellow quite quickly causing a noticeable colour change. For this reason it is advisable not to leave objects(ornaments, place mats, plant pots etc) on the furniture during the first three months as this may leave contrasting marks.

  • Generally dust your furniture and polish it with a soft, lint free buffing cloth
  • The colour of real wood matures with exposure to light, so it is important to move ornaments regularly to avoid colour differences occurring.
  • Never use silicon or wax polishes that leave residue on surfaces
  • Only use good quality wax-free furniture polishes.
  • Blot up any spills immediately
  • Do not try to wash or rub spills and do not use detergent
  • Finger marks can be removed with a clean, slightly damp cloth.
  • Protect wood surfaces with felt under-cloths and place mats


  • Most lacquer or synthetic finishes on real wood give a semi permanent barrier to make cleaning as easy as possible.
  • Assume that all wooden furniture will not resist water, chemicals or heat.
  • Natural wax finishes are porous and stain easily.
  • Man-made foil and melamine may be dusted or wiped with a damp cloth

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