What makes a good Desk in 2019?

September 24, 2019

What makes a good Desk in 2019?

What makes a good desk in 2019?

The San Francisco Smart is a desk designed for digital work. Join us as we talk through some of the key features that make this the ideal desk for 2019, from its in-built Bluetooth speaker to its wireless smartphone charging.

A desk is good at its job if it helps you to be good at yours.

Throughout the history of work, a desk’s main job has usually been the same thing: providing a flat surface for writing. After all, the word desk derives from the Latin desca, which means “table to write on”.

Having said that, the best desks have always done a little extra. Renaissance-era desks often had drawers with separate compartments for ink pot, blotter and powder tray. Drawing boards have been designed for use at lots of different angles, to suit expansive tasks like architectural drawing. In the mid-20th Century, the development of ergonomics led to an increased focus on human factors in desk design. The form and dimensions of our desks became better suited to our bodies, which has made us healthier and more productive.

All this is to say that the best desk designs have always reflected the times – and we feel our San Francisco Smart desk does exactly that. Here’s why.

Bluetooth speaker playback – with the option to add smart functionality

The San Francisco Smart’s key innovation is its built-in Bluetooth speaker, which can connect wirelessly to a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or whichever Bluetooth-enabled device you use to play audio.

This has all sorts of uses. If you’re having a relaxed day at the office, you might use the speaker to play music. It’s also really handy for when you need to take notes or transcribe conversation during a phone call, as it frees up both hands for typing.


You can get even more use out of the San Francisco’s speaker by connecting it to an Amazon Dot, Alexa or Google Home Mini. These devices have in-built microphones and smart assistant functionality, and can play back responses via the San Francisco Smart. If you want to check the weather, change the song, look up a statistic or add a meeting to your calendar with a simple voice command while you work, a setup like this would be a smart approach.

Fast charging for smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices

Another key angle to modern desk-based work is access to electricity. If your electronic devices are running low on charge, you may find yourself needing to get up and plug in somewhere else in the house. Not only might this mean the device is away from where you really need it; it also causes a break in concentration. As we all know, a 5-minute interruption can ultimately set you back far longer than 5 minutes in terms of productivity.

The Jual Furnishings San Francisco cuts these inefficiencies, with USB charging and a Qi wireless fast charger that can quickly fill your depleted battery bars. Multiple devices can be charged at once, using no mains power outlets (except the one the desk itself is plugged into).   

The San Francisco Smart’s Bluetooth speaker and charging capabilities combine to make it an ideal desk for busy digital professionals.

And of course, it does the basics well too. The surface is flat and beautifully smooth, which is especially important for those working with laptops, monitors and other electronic devices. A single drawer provides plenty of space for essential documents, pens, pencils, and whatever else you need to hand. The design is eye-catching, mid-century-inspired, available in beautiful ash or walnut.  

It's a great, classic desk, but with 21st Century capabilities.

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