Picking The Perfect TV Stand

July 25, 2018

Picking the Perfect TV Stand by Jual

Picking the Perfect TV Stand

A guide to the Perfect TV Stand by Jual Furnishings
With Black Friday done and dusted and many, many new TV's now pride of place in living rooms all over the country, I thought I would take some time to write a piece about picking the perfect TV Stand.
When it comes to your TV Stand I think many people over look its importance to the overall look of the living room and simply see it as somewhere to "chuck" your brand new 60" Smart TV.  
I think the TV Stand should be given as much thought as the TV itself and treated as a piece of furniture. The TV/TV Stand are usually the focal point of the living room and should stand out as such. 
So I have listed a few questions to ask yourself the next time you are buying a new TV Stand.

Where is the TV and TV Stand going to sit in my living room? 

Is the TV going to sit in a corner? Secured to a wall? Against a straight wall? 
This is an important question to ask, putting a straight TV stand in a corner will make your room look smaller and waste a lot of space behind the TV. Make sure your TV Stand matches where you want it to sit in your Living Room. 
The Florence Walnut 3 Tier TV Stand is designed to sit against a flat wall
not in a corner. 

Fixing TV's to walls is still very popular, however there is still a need to hide wires and store AV equipment so you need to consider them if you are going to fix your TV to a wall. The Florence entertainment unit available in both oak and walnut sits perfectly underneath your TV and houses all of your AV equipment. 
The Florence Oak Entertainment Unit is 
perfect for storing AV equipment when screens are wall mounted

What Size TV Stand Should I Buy? 

This one is very subjective, some people prefer the TV Stand to be bigger than the TV and others prefer the TV to be bigger than the stand. These days with the price of TVs getting lower and lower most people are buying bigger and bigger TVs. This in turn leads to larger TV Stands becoming more popular. There are some pretty big units available, some at 1.8 metres and some bigger again. For me I dont think many UK Living rooms could house TV Stands that big without them looking a little too big. They also have a tendency to make rooms look very small! This is where I believe cantilever TV Stands are the perfect compromise. Cantilevers allow you to display large TVs without the stand taking up loads of space in your living area.

The Florence Cantilever TV Stand can hold larger TVs
whilst only measuring 1.2 metres in width.


How much storage do I need? 

Do you have a Home Cinema System? Just a Sky Box? Sound Bar? These items should be considered when purchasing a brand new TV Stand. There is nothing worse than a cluttered TV Stand in the corner of a room. Make sure whatever TV Stand you buy can house all of your AV equipment and accessories comfortably. 
The Havana Acoustic TV Stand has been specifically designed
to house sound bars and home cinema systems. You can even
operate your equipment through the front covers, which are made
from acoustic cloth.
Check out the video below to see it in action!


What colour should I get? 

Colour is also important. All too often you see a beautiful oak coffee table, lamp table and nest with a 55" Smart TV sat on top of a 3 tier black glass TV Stand that hasn't been replaced in light years! When buying a new TV Stand think about the rest of the room and how it will match. Here at Jual we always launch our stands with matching furniture. Treat your new TV Stand as a piece of furniture that is likely to become the focal point of your room. 
Try to match your TV Stand to the rest of your furniture. 

So there you have it...Things to consider when buying a new TV Stand! Of course this is only my opinion but if you are in the market for a new TV Stand then I hope this helps.  Keep an eye out for more blogs coming soon and feel free to get in touch should you want any further information on any of the Jual products.

Thanks for reading,

Alex Krizan
Sales Manager @ Jual

"Create your own style, let it be unique to you and yet identifiable to others"


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